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At Doggone Gorgeous (DGG) we strive to provide high quality dog clothes that reflect the love and respect we have for our hairy friends and celebrates the happiness they bring into our lives.

Our Doggone Gorgeous Facebook page allows dog lovers & followers of DGG to interact with other animal lovers, enquire about styles of dog clothing or generally just talk about their own loved hounds!

Our photo section is awash with pictures of DGG fans that love their Warmies or Hoodies and want more!! Visit us through the Doggone Gorgeous Facebook Page to link in with the RSPCA, and other friends of DGG.

Doggone Gorgeous Supports RSPCADoggone Gorgeous is proud to be a supporter of the RSPCA. A percentage of the sale of all our products will be given to the RSPCA to help prevent cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care & protection.

RSPCA shelters rescue, rehabilitate and re-home thousands of stray, neglected, abused and unwanted animals every year. Your donation can make a world of difference visit: or call 1300 RSPCA1 (777 221).